Anderson Fitness has exceeded all my expectations. Aaron is incredibly knowledgable and very personable. He was able to tailor my sessions to the goals I wanted to achieve and even helped me create a nutrition plan to optimize my training. The results I've seen so far have bested all my previous efforts to get fit- I can't recommend Anderson Fitness enough!

-James C.

Aaron does an exceptional job with understanding your goals and helping you reach them. I constantly feel challenged with his unique and effective training techniques. If you’re looking for someone who can keep you motivated in a fun, unintimidating space, Aaron is the trainer for you. It has been an exciting journey seeing my body become stronger and leaner! I highly recommend checking out Anderson Fitness for all of your training needs; he’s knowledgeable, charismatic, and the workout space is fantastic!

-Lisa N.

Totally grateful for such a knowledgeable instructor. Coming from a very basic background in fitness, Aaron was a fountain of info on specifically how parts of my diet were effecting my fitness routine. He is enthusiastic to help, and I totally felt no judgement only amazing positive vibes. 

As a previous dancer, Aaron always kept my previous knee injuries in my when creating fitness routines and exercises for me. I appreciate that it felt like real personalized fitness instead of a "one-size-fits-all" feeling routine that I've gotten from other instructors in the past. Always accommodating, positive energy, legitimately knows what he's doing. Haven't found anyone better!

-Sarah A.

Aaron pushes me hard but not more than I can do. He is attentive to form and posture (awesome!) and cheers me on when I'm struggling. He is kind, punctual, and just an all-around amazing person to be around. I never thought I'd hire a personal trainer and now I can't imagine not having one. You'd be lucky to work with him!

-Amanda A.

Anderson Fitness is a rare find – Aaron takes a deep and personal interest in his clients, employing techniques he tailors to individual abilities and goals. His attention to detail is superior, tracking metrics and progress while having a keen eye and ear for input that may affect performance. I’ve come off several injuries during more than two years of training with Aaron and he never fails to make a seamless transition between athletic trainer and physical therapist. It’s incredibly valuable to have a range of skills available from one person who is also a pleasure to spend time with, even when the work is challenging. I highly recommend Anderson Fitness to anyone who wants to take their health and well-being to the next level.

-Lisa E.